House of Design: 3D printing at schools

Lucas said last week in newspaper de Volkskrant “Let’s not teach children to use a jig saw but to design 3D models.” This is exactly what House of Design is working on. The platform has been organising 3D print projects for children since 2012, which appear to be so succesful and are receiving that many enthusiastic reactions, that it is time to take a next step: 3D printing should be a part of the curriculum at schools.

In May, 3D projects were held at Het Paleis and the Groninger Museum. Thanks to the cooperation with several countries it has become a lifelong learning Comenius Project. The request, which had been submitted in February, was awarded in July. The aim of this cooperation is to turn working with a 3D printer into a teaching method. Teachers can be instructed on how to use 3D printing as a working method at their school.

(Source: Groninger Gezinsbode. September 2013 )