Printing Pursuit

Explore probability and game theory through designing a 3D game

Subject: Mathematics

Aim: To produce a board game that uses 3D thinking and printers. To investigating games already on the market. To work together as a group, dividing task to suit the strengths of the individuals. Elements of the game will need to be printed and made to fit.
Outcome: To produce a playable game that both entertains the players but also gets them to thinking in 3D.
Age group: 13 years upwards
Estimated time (1 hour per week ): After school club, 15 weeks.
Resources: 3D software, 3D printer, card, paper, digital camera and the ability to print colour images.
Instructions: Weeks –
1. To investigate the games market, looking at the playability of the games and how they structure the board and instructions.  Complete a mind map of the elements of the games, what to include. Set a deadline for completion of the game.
2. Using the mind map, decide on the basic game structure and produce some initials ideas of how the game will look and play.
3. Divide the elements of the game between the groups, so group 1 on the playing surface, group 2 on the playing pieces, group 3 the rules and any other chance or consequence cards and group 4 on the packaging and promotion. The groups will report progress on a regular basis, with a more structure meeting half way through the project to access progress.
4-8. Allow the groups to work on the elements of the project that they have been assigned.
9. Each of the groups to report the progress they have made, problems they have encountered and how they have solved them. Are they on track to finish on or before the deadline, if not what needs to happen? Extend the deadline or reorganise the groups.
10-13. Continue to produce of the game.
14. Bring the elements together and test to game, by playing it. Looking for any potential issues and how they can be solved.
15. Evaluation. What are the positive and negative aspects of the game? Is it playable and enjoyable? Given time how the game would be altered.

Keywords/tags: 3D Printing, board game, instruction, playability, counters, dice or spinners, surface, packaging.

Alde Valley High School
Information: Brian Roscoe & Jonathan Keep