Visualising – touching and drawing

Feel an object blind and then draw it. Aim: Teach children how to visualize. Feel an object without seeing it and then try to draw it. Outcome/end product: Drawings of an object from different point of view (touch) Age group: 10 and up Group size: 0-30, divided into groups of 3-4 people Estimated time: 30 minutes Resources/materials: a bag that you cannot see through and large enough to put your arm in and close it so you cannot look into it, difficult to define objects, pencils, paper ( instead of pencil and paper, use clay) Instructions: Divide the pupils among tables so there are 4 or 5 at each table. Give the children a bag with an object in it. They are not allowed to look into the bag only to feel the object with one hand. It is important they visualize the object. Tell them to visualize the object floating before their eyes and as a little bird fly over it, and try to see it from all angles. With  the other hand, they draw the object. Let the pupils draw the object on paper from all angles. Instead of using pencil and paper to visualize the object on paper, you can also give the pupils clay to make the objects they visualize with one hand. After the workshop, take the object out of the bag to show what the pupils have been drawing. You can ask the children to draw it again now they can see it. After the workshop, change bags and let the children draw again on another paper. When both workshops are finished put all items on top of the bags so the children know what it was.   From: Jauke van den Brink, NL