House of Design Groningen is working on integrating 3D printing at schools

House of Design in Groningen has been teaching school children how to work with a 3D printer for some time now. Member of parliament for the VVD Anne-Wil Lucas wore a 3D-printed hat yesterday during the annual Prinsjesdag. Her aim was to emphasise the ambition to stimulate 3D printing, mainly at schools. She stated last week in the newspaper de Volkskrant: “Let’s not teach children to use a jig saw but to design 3D models.”

Chance has it that this is exactly what House of Design is doing! This platform has been organising 3D printing projects since 2012, together with the province of Fryslân. They appear to be so successful and are receiving that many enthusiastic reactions, that it is time to take a next step: 3D printing should be a part of the curriculum at schools. (Besides, House of Design is in no way in favour of disposing of the jig saw, but claims the two can perfectly complement each other). In order to realise this, House of Design has found international cooperation.

From 15 to 18 September, an international work group resides on the island of Vlieland to make plans for the implementation of 3D printing as a working method at schools. Each country has sent a representative for a school and a design centre or an individual designer. The participating countries are the Netherlands, Portugal, Great Britain, Sweden and Germany.

House of Design has thought out and set up a 3D print project especially for children, by assignment of the province of Fryslân. During the project, children get a chance to work and play with 3D printers, under guidance of interior- and furniture designers. The aim is to stimulate children to become makers and to discover the fun in technique. Moreover, 3D designing stimulates children’s spatial insight and abstract thinking, and it could be a way for teachers to recognise a child’s predisposition for technique in an early stage.

( Source: Groninger Internet Courant)